The gold standard in corporate governance

AREF fund members must confirm their compliance with our Code of Practice each year. Effectively, this is our equivalent to the globally successful Stewardship Code. Our principles-based approach is based on three key elements:  operational intergrity; transparency; accountability.  We believe this takes managers of real estate funds beyond mere statements of intent, to a demonstrable commitment to the highest standards in corporate governance and transparency.

Funds that make this commitment can display our Quality Mark, with a new one awarded each year.  This makes it easier for investors and their advisers to discern which funds have signed up and help them make better informed investment decisions.

Furthermore, as AREF promotes ‘best practice’ wherever possible, we publish a matrix which clearly shows how all member funds are performing with regards to their level of compliance with the various elements of the Code of Practice. Given the heightened focus on governance amongst investors, we trust they will be reassured that AREF expects the highest level of governance from members of the association.

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AREF Code of Practice

Historic Self Certification Matrices