Each of our committees depend on the active participation of each of its members. To that end, we ask all committee members to make every effort to attend the scheduled meetings and where appropriate contribute to working groups on subjects being considered by the committee.

If at any time, your full participation becomes difficult because of work or other commitments, please advise the Committee Chair so that we can agree a mutually acceptable solution. For most committees, membership is personal rather than corporate, but it may on occasion be appropriate to send a delegate, with the prior approval of the Chair.

Tenure and Rotation

There is not a fixed term for sitting on an AREF committee; however, membership is reviewed every 3 years.

View the AREF Committee Rotation Policy by clicking here.

Competition and Confidentiality

Please note that discussions held between members (whether in formal committees, discussion groups or any other interactions) are subject to the application of competition law. AREF and all members are required to act in accordance with competition law at all times and we cannot engage in action which contravenes this law in any way. We therefore request that you familiarise yourself with the principles of competition law, the obligations you may be under in relation to competition law and how competition law may apply to AREF meetings.

Click here for a summary of the competition rules that apply to AREF and the consequences of infringement. We would ask you to read this guidance before attending AREF meetings, including carrying out your own assessment as to whether your participation will comply with applicable competition law. In this regard, the chair of any AREF meetings is responsible for the good governance of the meeting, with the help of the secretariat, and we ask that you follow his or her directions and guidance when participating in the work of AREF.  

Finally, it should be emphasised that committee discussions and papers are confidential. Although we are, of course, happy for you to discuss issues with appropriate colleagues within your firm, we do ask our committee members not to disclose information to outside parties, as this can obstruct the freedom with which you, as an expert, can share and discuss the issues, as well as cause embarrassment.

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Please contact us by emailing info@aref.org.uk if you are interested in becoming a committee member.